The greatest happiness is created by the small things

Relax in our own wellness area

Welcome to our small, but nice wellness area. Here you will find the peace and relaxation that makes a beautiful holiday. Even if the sun isn’t shining, we provide so many moments of well-being, that the rain outside can be perceived as a gift. We bring the sun into your hearts and put a smile on your face.

Get a fresh kick with our swimming pool and sauna

May we invite you for a swim in our newly renovated swimming pool? And what about a sauna session afterwards? In the cosy relaxation room - with a tasty tea and a good book from our library - you will be so relaxed, that getting up will be difficult. How can you put the icing on the cake, even on such a perfect day? When Sandra offers you a massage or cosmetic treatment...

The swimming pool is 6 m wide x 8 m long x 1.49 m deep and has a temperature of 28 degrees.

A heavenly way to be devilishly beautiful

Our in-house massage and wellness studio "Devils Place" ensures that you become devilishly beautiful in a heavenly way. Just the hearty laughter and the incredible love for her job makes Sandra your perfect accomplice to experience a happy and relaxed wellness day.

Sandra is a certified masseuse and beautician and offers various forms of pampering treatments, including a pedicure, using only vegan and animal-free natural products. Let Sandra advise you on your perfect wellness day and make an appointment now. If there is a ticket to happiness, then it is with this click: