Welcome to Strandglück

Our team will make your holiday unforgettable

Who are the Strandglück team anyway?

We are a young and motivated team, who would like to offer you a wonderful holiday in a fully furnished apartment with a lot of love. A hotel like Strandglück is missing in Grömitz. Strandglück is the kind of hotel, that we would want to book a holiday in ourselves. We don't spend our holidays here, but we have the best workplace in the world!

Faye Scheil is a qualified pastry chef who successfully ran Café Strandglück in the Grömitz marina for 6 years, before turning to this exciting new hotel project. Before becoming self-employed, she gained experience in various hotels, bakeries and pastry shops within Australia, England and Germany. Faye's heart beats for the hotel and hospitality industry and you can feel that through her great love for detail in her role as owner and managing director of Strandglück Appartementhotel.

Tine Sanne, is the good soul of Strandglück, following the call to come to the sea in 2018, she made her way from Celle to Grömitz. After 4 years working at Café Strandglück, she remains true to the Strandglück concept and is your first contact at the apartment hotel. Tine is our sunshine. Her good mood is contagious, and her affectionate nature, opens every heart. As the hostess, she will be at your side in Strandglück.

Angela Handfest is our multi-media talent and makes our team international. In 2008, she came to us in Germany from sunny Australia for the sake of love. Besides her two daughters, her heart beats for photography. Angela is not only a great photographer who has a good eye for the right motives, but she is also our marketing manager. It is her task, to convey the holiday feeling of Grömitz for us through social media, and to inform you about any news going on at our Hotel.

Natalija Kruse, joined our team in the summer of 2022 and welcomes you at reception. With her kind, gentle and caring nature, it is easy to feel comfortable to talk to her and she can assist you in the hotel with anything that you need. As a young adult, Natalija came here with her family from Kazakhstan and has called Grömitz her home for many years. She has done previous training as a midwife and nurse, and you wouldn't expected her to work in a hotel, but we are so happy to have her here. She is the piece of the puzzle that was missing in our team.